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Victorian Solar Homes Package

The Victorian Government will help Victorian households cut their electricity bills through the Solar Homes Package which will be delivered by the newly established Solar Victoria, which will help Victorians reduce their energy bills. In the Program there are three types of rebates two of them we cover and the addition is for solar hot water. You're only able to apply for one. Read below for more detail.



Solar Power Rebate

The Victorian government is providing a rebate of up to $1,888 for solar panel (PV) system installation, for homeowners and rental properties. To further reduce installation costs, you can also apply for an interest-free loan, for an amount equivalent to the rebate amount. The loan is required to be repaid over four years.

Battery Power Rebate

Solar Victoria are now piloting a battery rebate scheme to help identify demand and battery usage in Victoria.

In 2019-20 there will be 1,000 rebates of up to $4,838 for a solar battery system. 

These rebates will be available to people in designated suburbs who have already installed solar panels, but have not already accessed a solar rebate. Last year, we promised that the battery program will be available in growth areas where there are already a large number of homes with solar panels.

Find Out How to Claim The Victorian Rebate
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